Admiralty Maritime and Offshore

White Andrews represents companies engaged in admiralty, maritime and offshore business in maritime issues including the negotiation and drafting of contracts, Jones Act litigation, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act Litigation, personal injury defense, property damage litigation, collision, casualty, accident issues, maritime liens, attachments and vessel seizures, maritime insurance and indemnity issues, shipping disputes, and other general maritime matters. Our attorneys are also ready to help you with the negotiation and drafting of your maritime contracts and other agreements.

Appellate Litigation 

The attorneys at White Andrews practice in the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh and Fifth Circuits, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the Louisiana Circuit Courts of Appeal. Our senior attorneys have the extensive trial and appellate experience necessary to assist you with perfecting the record for appellate review at trial level; drafting and filing post-trial motions; and researching, preparing, and presenting complex and novel issues of state and federal law in persuasive petitions for writs of certiorari, appellate briefs, and oral arguments.

Bankruptcy and Creditor Rights

On the creditors’ side, we provide counseling to companies on their rights and regularly represent secured and unsecured creditors in collection matters involving seizures, garnishments, liens, and recovery of collateral. Our attorneys represent creditors in Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy proceedings, filing proofs of claim and pursuing administrative claims on behalf of our clients, litigating fraudulent conveyance and non-dischargeable debt matters, conducting bankruptcy motion practice and litigation, prosecuting and defending bankruptcy adversary proceedings; and filing involuntary bankruptcy proceedings.

Business and Corporate Transactions

Our attorneys perform a wide range of services for their corporate and business clients, including formation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, non-profit organizations and other business entities and associations. We can help you with negotiating, analyzing, and drafting of contracts and agreements, operating agreements, by-laws, articles of organization, merger and conversion plans, employment contracts, employee handbooks, non-compete agreements, purchase and sale agreements, and other agreements for the successful operation of your business.

Commercial Litigation

White Andrews represents clients in all matters of business and complex litigation, including business dispute resolution, contract litigation, insurance coverage disputes, unfair competition and trade practices, trademark litigation, defense and indemnity agreements, and employment and non-compete disputes.

Environmental and Energy Litigation

We regularly represent clients in environmental and energy litigation as trial counsel as well as in mediation. We defend our clients in various litigation, including legacy lawsuits alleging soil and groundwater litigation; Costal Zone Management Permit litigation; environmental and mass tort and oil and gas property and personal injury defense; lawsuits concerning naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and other hazardous material exposure litigation; breach of contract disputes; remediation issues; blowouts and other well site accidents; royalty disputes; concursus litigation; mineral lease and farmout litigation; disputes between working interest owners; mineral title litigation; condemnation; inverse condemnation and uncompensated takings of mineral rights; litigation regarding master service agreements, drilling contracts, and operating agreements, as well as tax disputes concerning oil and gas interests.

Insurance Litigation

White Andrews provides representation in all areas of insurance law, including property damage, commercial liability, indemnity claims, subrogation claims, bad faith claims, insured liability disputes, and insurance coverage disputes.

Oil, Gas, Mineral and Energy Transactions 

Our attorneys perform a wide range of services for their clients in all phases of the oil, gas, mineral and energy industries from providing general legal advice and drafting contracts to engaging in litigation. We are able to assist you with negotiating and drafting mineral servitudes, leases and farmouts, operating agreements, master service agreements, drilling and other contracts, environmental regulatory compliance, conservation and unitization, resolving title issues, purchase and sale of mineral properties and many other activities relevant to the energy industry.

Personal Injury Defense

White Andrews defends clients in cases involving general personal injury and death, negligence claims, Jones Act litigation, Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Act litigation, oilfield personal injury defense, environmental and mass tort defense, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and other hazardous material exposure litigation.

Title Takings and Eminent Domain Litigation

We represent landowners and mineral owners in litigation of property rights, land use and title issues, oil gas and mineral title issues, boundary issues, eminent domain, condemnation, inverse condemnation, and takings issues.

Toxic Tort Litigation

White Andrews represents clients in cases involving environmental and mass tort defense, naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) and other hazardous material exposure litigation, all of which can involve multiple plaintiffs and defendants, complex issues of law and fact, and extensive document production.